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Live and work in Moscow.
I graduated of the Moscow state art industrial Academy behalf of the Stroganov. Studied in SAINT - PETERSBURG STATE ACADEMIC INSTITUTE OF PAINTING, SCULPTURE AND ARCHITECTURE NAMED AFTER I.E.REPIN in Summer school and like a irregular student.
Previously studied painting and drawing in Charles H and Cecil Studios in Florence. In June 2012 studied in New York academy of Art.
I began to exhibit in 2008.
In 2010 took the first place on Russian and Ukrainian ArtWeek with my works in a category of Expiremental painting.
am an artist, and I am happy with it. I like my profession, and for me it is the best job in the world!

I get my inspiration from everything, which is why I am full of ideas, energy, and thoughts. I create every day. I paint or I draw, but I always create!

My favorite medium is oil painting. I apply many layers of oil to create depth, or I'll make several fresh strokes to convey only an impression! One day, I'll enjoy conveying the human being in an academic tradition, and the other day I am off in “abstraction world.”

I try to make work which conveys my energy, which is alive and full of vibrant colors. I try to put in my thoughts and vision of this world. I like to work with people, nature, and abstraction. I can work in different directions, but the main idea of my work is energy and color.
Press Release:

The bright, electric expressionist oil paintings of Russian artist Svetlana Malakhova are defined by the energy and the color that permeate each image. Inspired by the ordinary and extraordinary people and places she has encountered, Malakhova combines figurative subjects from the human and natural world with abstract elements. She uses fresh brushstrokes and an impressionistic approach to create paintings brimming with new ideas and unique insights into the deeper beauties contained in our everyday world.
Malakhova’s paintings are composed of many layers, creating a sense of depth and imbuing great meaning into the overall effect. Compositions contain tension but are framed by an overall sense of balance, infusing another level of significance into each piece. What results are paintings that dance with energy and life, yet which give the viewer a deeper understanding of all the world has to offer. As Malakhova explains, “I try to create work that conveys the energy within me, which is alive and full of vibrant colors.”
Svetlana Malakhova currently lives and works in Moscow, Russia.

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yes; a contract with limits
"Agora Gallery"

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Ms Svetlana Malakhova
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master degree
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Moscow state art industrial Academy behalf of the Stroganov.
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more than 5
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Agora Gallery New York City
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Russian ArtWeek 1 place, Ukrainian ArtWeek 1 place
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