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As an artist and colorist I use color as a platform through which to communicate. These paintings stem from ideas that will enable me, not to instill, but rather to elicit some emotional/mental response from the viewer; to have the viewer interpret each piece without my predetermining what they should see and feel. My use of color and abstract/conceptual imagery are ways of doing this and I always mix my colors based on emotional tone. My work tends to be abstract/ representational and conceptual. Through my craft, I strive for artistic quality and to always improve my creative abilities. One writer said of my work “as with Warhol and Basquiat, TJ Walton is a serious artist that people like. It’s a uniquely American trick—to be both popular and good.” The central tension for me as an artist comes from my wanting to remain “popular and good” while pushing the boundaries for myself.

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My own gallery: TJ Walton Gallery

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TJ Walton
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Ms Tammy Jo Walton
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more than 5
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more than 5
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My solo exhibitions
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I've been featured in numerous magazine and newspaper articles
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Provincetown Art Association and Museum National Competition Winner 1999
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