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Athens, United States | 1975, United States

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Mark Moore

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Artist Mark Moore has been creating works of art since he was old enough to pick up a drawing instrument. A winner in The World's Top 100 Artist by New Master Artist and Netherlands’ prestigious worldwide art contest E-TAXI, Moore’s interpretations of historical entertainment figures, cityscapes, nature scenes and more are drawing high praise from art lovers and Moore’s peers alike. Though he is known primarily for his creations of acrylic on canvas, he is also noted for his works of acrylic on wood sculpture, watercolors, oil paintings, drawings, murals and other works that he dedicates to his late mother, who was the inspiration and the impetus behind his pursuit of art as both a means of expression and a vocation.

An Ohio native who now lives in north Alabama with his childhood sweetheart wife and young family, Moore’s works have been displayed in prominent galleries and exhibitions throughout the United States and featured in several books, magazines, and film.

I model myself after Thomas Kinkade , he was an artist that believed his job was not done after selling a painting. It was his job as the artist to promote each and every piece that he created. I am the same in this aspect, after I have sold an original piece I still promote the art as if it was still in my pocession. Why do I do this? Because it is my responsiblity as an artist to my client/collector to grow my work in value (after all art is an investment), as the collector/client has invested in me. I also make sure that if a piece has sold and it wins an award, gets published, ect that the collector/client receives a copy of such achievement for their artwork even if its years later.

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